Puget Rock Episode 003: Scott McKinley/HiTunes Distribution


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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cialis-pills-professional-100-mg This week on the show we talked to Scott McKinley of Hi Tunes Distribution, as well as three experts in different areas of the legal cannabis scene: a geneticist, a marketing expert and an analysis specialist. It gets in depth and science-y in this week’s show as we talk about the genetics, testing and other aspects of the cannabis industry, as well as some awesome music as always.


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1. Windowpane – Underfoot
2. Zero Down Seattle – Good Times at the Gates to Hell
3. Mushroom Trail – In God’s Hands
4. Atomic Ballroom – Monster
5. December In Red – Red Flag Reflections
6. Lauren Murphie and the Sodo 4 – The Heir
7. Crossing Crusades – Through the Mud
8. EVERYBODY PANIC – Blackbird
9. Mos Generator – As Above, So Below
10. Kings Of Cavalier – Eat the Rest
11. Bleed The Stone – Death Perception
12. The Spittin’ Cobras – 10,000 Broken Bodies
13. Gruntruck – Bar Fly
14. Sun Mother – Pick Yourself Up
15. Devils Hunt Me Down – Rusty Nail
16. BlackBeatBlue – Animal
17. Mom’s Rocket – Red
18. Cashing In Karma – Slow Down
19. LocoMotive – Lose It
20. Mom’s Rocket – Broken
21. Dire Fire – Monopoly
22. Kings of Spade – San Antone

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