ALBUM REVIEW: Devils Hunt Me Down – “In Media Res II”

Devils Hunt Me Down – In Media Res II

Released: May 12, 2016


  1. Caveman In A Computer Room
  2. I Am That I am
  3. Dead And Down
  4. Rusty Nail



From the second the pick hits the string, “Caveman In A Computer Room” makes you want to starting dancing or banging your head –  either way it will make you want to move, and right from the start it also gives you just the right amount of blues. “A Caveman in a Computer Room,” a metaphor for the unfortunate union of humanity’s primitive understanding of the universe with our immense destructive potential as individuals and a species, starts out with swing groove that gets dirty and is all straight rocking, hits the breaks and gives it to you straight at the prechorus then breaks back into swing at the chorus and into the verse. Wouldn’t sound out of place being played by a swing or rockabilly outfit, and is yet still rock n roll at the heart and bluesy in the soul.

The next track, “I Am That I Am,” opens with a tasty riff right from the start, bluesy with strong hard rock tones – a telltale sign of good things to come, and you aren’t disappointed at any point in the tune, a good beat permeates the whole song and you can’t help but to thump your leg to it, with a good crunchy guitar that is just meaty enough with just the right touch of blues to make it as sweet as sugar cane.

Track three, called “Dead And Down” opens with a departure from the swing-driven beat of the first two, and it gives you a sense of journey, of travel, a welcomed change of pace that balances against the just-less-than 20 minute length of the EP. The whole tune, top to bottom gives a feel of climbing toward something, like making your way of a rocky embankment, and you feel a sense of summit after the 2nd chorus and then a sense of descent comes through, as the tempo quickens and you feel like you’re gaining momentum toward the bottom of a valley

Rusty Nail starts with a snappy guitar riff that gets your foot tapping right away and in short order it is plenty of fret-play all over the place. It leaves feeling a little thirsty, and just then the lyrics mention a drink. Something about it gives the impression of moving through a haze, but not in a ‘soaking-with-reverb-way’ The up-tempo beat of the pre-chorus is nicely matched with the percussive bass underlying it. The drums are at work the whole way, with a noticeably popping snare and bass drum that keep the song kicking and thumping along at a speed that isn’t too fast but might leave a lesser music fan with a sweat. The chorus has the bass player is all over the upper-end of the instrument, and awesomely so. When all of a sudden they hit the brakes after the second chorus. The bridge strips it all away and begins the song near-anew, building from the now-patient drumming and slowing adding the rising guitar and bass before the vocals come in for another verse and they put on the afterburners and slam you into the back of your seat for an awesome and brisk end to the EP.

In all, In Media Res II comes across as a through-and-through awesome four-tune romp with enough diverse influences to have something for all but the snobbiest of rock connoisseurs, like Chad (dammit, Chad.) In the end it makes you want more from it, which in this case you’re not entirely out of luck, as In Media Res II is just one installment of a trilogy of EPs that Devils Hunt Me Down will be releasing throughout the year. All in all once you’ve listened to this EP you’ll have it in your car or iPod for a long time.



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