ALBUM REVIEW: Mister Master – “To The Edge of the Woods”

Mister Master – To the Edge Of The Woods

Released: April 22, 2016


  1. Little Love
  2. Destroyer
  3. Edge of the Woods
  4. Daze Done
  5. Mechanical Hand
  6. Killerz in the Shed
  7. Silver Stain

Right off the bat To The Edge of the Woods opens with “Little Love,” a good active blues rock tune that starts with the sounds of a radio tuning then right away you’re introduced to the electrified riffs of guitarist Brandt Parke as he gets to ball rolling before the rest of the band joins in. Before you know it, you’re soaking in the driving drums of Mark Christensen, Eric Phinney’s bass bringing up the low end and Ian Lowery’s awesome vocals. The track is a great introduction to the band. The next track, “Destroyer,” downshifts a bit and starts with a bit of a mellow take, and is arguably the band it it’s most sonically colorful on this album, with guitar licks soaking with wah-wah and the vocals dripping with soul.

Next, the album’s namesake begins with some acoustic guitar before diving into soaring guitar lines and a fun, nigh-tasty solid blues-rock tune with drums that make you want to stamp your foot and a bass line that’ll leave you bruising your leg from playing it on your new air-bass and then gives way to a more subdued track, in “Daze Done.” At least that is how it starts out, the track builds in energy toward and is frothing with blues during the chorus, and then comes right back down in the best of ways at the verses.

After that you tumble head-first into to heavier tones of “Mechanical Hand” with thundering, thumping drums provided by Mark while Ian bring the searing vocals for this hard rocking tune that gives you a taste of the range this band can deliver on, as it goes from dense and heavy to more spacey during the bridge, giving you a good helping of sounds for the music pallet, before being thrown back into the chorus to end the song on a good strong note.

Next is a crowd favorite at live shows, “Killerz in the Shed” a classic-rock sounding tune with great soulful vocals throughout, guitar licks that’ll make your mouth water with Mark & Eric holding down a rhythm that impossible not to move around to.

And finally the album comes to a close with what may be their best tune and is definitely why early fans of the band kept coming back for more, “Silver Stain.” This tune is a great coda to the album, as it had a good blend of everything good that came before it in the album without losing any freshness. When the album comes to a close, it is hard not to go right back to the start and hit play again.

All in all To The Edge Of The Woods is an awesome, high-energy blues-rock romp start to finish, with a healthy depth of texture and sound to keep it from being monotonous. A solid debut by Mister Master, it’ll leave you hungry for more and coming back for seconds.



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