Bright Music Photography Robbed

Savannah Bright, Bright Music Photography

Savannah Bright, Bright Music Photography

Nov 18 in Seattle I had the oppertunity to shoot The Misfits for the first time. Delighted I did and enjoyed my night hanging with bands and making connections. All that ended when I went to my car only to find that it had been broken into. My school backpack was stolen and sadly both my laptop and external hard drive were in that bag. The external hard drive contained ALL MY WORK as a concert photographer. My CAREER has been stolen.

Now I must deal with the after math as well as try to put everything back together. NOTHING can replace those pictures, they all hold a lot of sentimental value to me so to say that I am devesatated doesnt begin to even cover it. I now need a new laptop to even continue my work, not to mention take car of the damages done to my car. Please be on the look out of someone trying to sell my work or anything like that.

Every cent helps guys. ThanksSavannah Bright

She has set up an account on GoFundMe where you can make a donation.

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