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Welcome to the Puget Rock Show Calendar! Come here to find out out where you’ll blow your eardrums out this weekend!

Jamie Nova SKY, Alyeska (CA), and Stoned Evergreen Travelers @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Nov 16 @ 8:30 pm
Skating Polly / Critical Shakes / Teton / ESC / Wongs @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Apr 7 @ 8:30 pm

Fri, April 7 @ Victory Lounge (433 Eastlake Ave E)
w/ Skating Polly, The Critical Shakes (eug), Teton (pdx), Extended Skin Contact (nyc), Wongs
8:30pm // $7adv $9dos // 21+

– The Masters of Slop-Pop Energetic Goodness

– High energy indie punk garage rock

– Slightly Sweet Slightly Electronic Songs

– Doomwave Dark Power!

– Good Ole Fashioned Garage Rock


VHS, CAGES, ex Licks, Toecutter @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Apr 14 @ 8:30 pm

DASWASUP GIG presents…

Violent Human System – VHS
– During the winter of 2013, in his dusty, cobweb filled basement in Reno, NV Jawshua Dean Hageman spent his time with his 8-track writing and recording what would later be released as the first VHS tape, “Vultures & Hungry Spirits.”These songs sat dormant for some time while he relocated to the Pacific Northwest to drum for Criminal Code. Moving to the Northwest reunited him with long-time friend and music collaborator, Chris Costalupes who had moved from Reno to Seattle four years prior to play bass for Big Eyes. In the summer of 2014, the two spent a week locked in a basement writing and recording the second VHS album, “Art Decay, Everything Looks Boring.” After releasing both albums on cassette via their own imprint Casino Trash Records, they set out to materialize VHS into a live form. They drafted long-time friend and collaborator Morgan Travis, who is also a Northwest transplant from Reno, on guitar. With the three of them in place all that was left was a drummer. After many scheduling issues and overlapping tours, they finally landed Gavin Tiemeyer better know as the hard-hitting drummer for Jason Clackley and The Exquisites. Once finally together they were up and running in no time, and on January 27th they played their first show in Seattle. Since then have been gaining more and more momentum. Their live show is sharp and they thrive in the studio. Their upcoming 7” titled “Choking On The Fruit” is the first record made as a full band. VHS’s sound has a diverse range and they have been compared to such bands as The Wipers, Lost Sounds, and The Melvins. Though these influences are present in their music, VHS has a style and sound all of their own.

– FIRST SHOW! Members include Jeff from Android Hero and BloodHag (guitar). Stubz from Deadkill, Absolute Monarchs, and Pink Parts (guitar). Rah from Skelator (bass). And Matt from Android Hero and Sayonara (drums).

ex Licks
– Seattle rock and/or roll

– hardcore/metal with ex-members of Aspirin Feast, Impulse Manslaughter, Hippies in Flames, Hurry Up And Die

Friday, April 14
at Victory Lounge
433 Eastlake Ave E
8:30pm // $5adv $8dos // 21+

SPLC Benefit ft. Wiscon // Skates! // Ramona // Beverly Crusher @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Apr 28 @ 8:30 pm

Fri, April 28th @ Victory Lounge (433 Eastlake Ave E)
w/ Wiscon, Skates!, Ramona, Beverly Crusher
8:30pm // $10dos // 21+

Come rock out for a good cause to protest the first 100 days of utter bullshit that is our current president!


– Soul synths and rockin tunes

– Energetic good ole rock’ n roll

– Sweethears with a ‘tude. The sourpatch kids of indie punk.

– The tightest dudes playing the sickest riffs


Natural Causes, Prison, The Sharp Teeth @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Apr 29 @ 8:30 pm

DASWASUP GIG presents…

Natural Causes
– “Natural Causes, a new synth-y punk band from Carrboro, North Carolina featuring members of Flesh Wounds, Paint Fumes, Last Year’s Men, and many others. While all of these guys’ bands fall broadly under the garage-punk banner, Natural Causes are a little bit different thanks to their synth-guitar-drums setup, but they carry over the sharp, memorable songwriting of the aforementioned groups. The first time I saw these guys live it was pretty clear that they had a big hard-on for the Ausmuteants (in fact, I think they might have formed specifically to play with the Ausmuteants in Durham?), but it’s hardly a tribute act. Natural Causes are much more of a pop band at heart; they aren’t so jittery and frantic as Ausmuteants, and the synth doesn’t always carry the song’s main melody… the catchiest song on the record, “Poppers,” has an absolutely gripping guitar line that makes the song. Like the other Snot Releases records, this one has some cool DIY packaging with screen printed jackets, hand-stamped labels and nice-looking mixed color vinyl that’s pretty much different for every record. Definitely a recommended release if you’re into the kind of stuff released on labels like Total Punk, In the Red, or Goner.”

– the doom shred

The Sharp Teeth
– the doom groove


Saturday, April 29
at Victory Lounge (433 Eastlake Ave E)
8:30pm // $5adv $8dos // 21+

RIP, Dealer, Ferrari Boys, blouseusaQuartet @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
May 5 @ 8:30 pm

DASWASUP GIG presents…

– After several years of hammering the west coast with the blunt scythe of street-doom, R.I.P. finally committed to tape an introductory will and testament for the rest of the world to tremble to. “In the Wind” closes the casket on the trends and exhumes the notion that doom isn’t about how slow and de-tuned you can play, but about fear, death, leather and playing as heavy as possible.

– “Dealer rip. It’s hard to peg a certain genre on these guys, so we’ll just say they rock and they rock hard. Their album Billionaire Boys Club drops in early 2017 and it has already won next year’s award for best album cover. You have to love a hard rock band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. These guys are clearly having fun and we applaud them for that. What you should take seriously are Dealer’s killer riffs, grungy sound, and caustic vocals. These dudes have an awesome sound that is like the soundtrack to putting out cigarettes on your tender flesh. Dealer are the audio equivalent of a six day bender filled with cotton candy and violence.” BENJAMIN BAILEY, NERDIEST

– thrashpop // loudd shitt

– lo-tech sounds with lower-tech theatrics // members of Lesbian, Fungal Abyss + more

Friday, May 5
at Victory Lounge (433 Eastlake Ave E)
8:30pm // $5adv $8dos // 21+

Yr Parents / Difficult Children / Lost in Society / Weep Wave @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
May 22 @ 8:30 pm
Familiars, Fleece, Crown Larks, Brain Drain @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Jun 10 @ 8:30 pm

DASWASUP GIG presents…

– leaders of the northwestnewwave movement

– “Fleece blends their love for Psychedelic Rock and Jazz to capture a refreshing take on the indie rock genre.”

Crown Larks
– “Crown Larks threw psych-rock, noise music, and free jazz into one pot and stirred until the whole thing combusted.” – Stereogum

– loudjampsychpop

Saturday, June 10
at Victory Lounge
433 Eastlake Ave E
8:30pm // $5adv $8dos // 21+

The Deadrones, Supernaut, Duckbill Radypuss, Buff Muff @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Dec 14 @ 6:00 pm – 11:59 pm

SoundGig Presents

The Deadrones
– post garage psychedelic RNR

– Santa Cruz rock trio Supernaut have emerged from the void to deliver heavy psychedelic fuzz to the masses. Formed in 2014, the band features Will Iermini on vocals and bass, Oliver Niemann on guitar, and Sean Niemann on vocals and drums.

Duckbill Radypuss
– shreddies & groovies // ex-Sun Thieves + Ferrari Boys

Buff Muff
– grungy punk rock that you can bang your head to

Thursday, Dec 14
at Victory Lounge Calendar
8pm // $5adv $8dos // 21+


Hayley and the Crushers (CA) with Beverly Crusher, Rooftop Love Club and Baywitch — $5-8 / 21+ @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Apr 15 @ 7:00 pm – 11:59 pm
Hayley and the Crushers with Beverly Crusher and Baywitch — $5-8 / 21+ @ Victory Lounge - Seattle (South Lake Union)
Apr 28 @ 7:00 pm – 11:59 pm

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