Pigs on the Wing – The Wall: Olympia !

May 20, 2017 @ 9:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Rhythm & Rye - Olympia
311 Capitol Way N
Olympia, WA 98501

Rhythm And Rye
The NW’s premier tribute to Pink Floyd – Pigs on the WIng – performs The Wall in its entirety, cover to cover ! Tickets just $12, available DOS only – no advance sales.
details: www.pig-wing.com

Pigs on the Wing is pleased to announce the performance of Pink Floyd’s The Wall on SAT, May 20th at Rhythm and Rye in Olympia. Arguably the band’s best known and most controversial work, The Wall shows an entirely different side of Pink Floyd than than earlier, more space rock – psychedelic pieces. The Wall is a beautiful yet angry, emotionally, socially and politically charged piece showcasing the pinnacle of Roger Waters’ work as a composer and lyricist with Pink Floyd. A concept album through and through, The Wall follows the madness, isolation, violence and slide into facism of the fictional character Pink in an intense first person narrative portrayal.

Famously contentious in its making and mind-blowing in the scale of its live production, The Wall is a piece we in Pigs on the Wing have circled around for years but only now have felt the timing is right to produce on it’s entirety. We believe the music and lyrical themes speak for themsleves and bear no political commentary from us in their relevance to our modern day – but we do feel the album makes a timely statement.

In some ways, The Wall represents the very side of Pink Floyd that we as tribute band are not: huge scale of production, elaborate stage craft, and layered instrumentation – while we as a band we fancy oursleves to represent more of the visceral rock side of Floyd. In the end we think this juxtaposition is perfect and offers a take on The Wall that everyone will enjoy, from die-hard to causal fans. We’ve greatly enjoyed working on the material and the production of the show, and hope you’ll join us in the experience of Pink Floyd’s The Wall !

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