Louie Galarza is selling Louie G’s Pizza, “The Brand Louie G’s Will Go On”

venues-louiegsLouie Galarza, owner of Louie G’s Pizza in Fife and Mental Itch Records/Music Group – as well as DreamFest Enterprises, is poised to sell his restaurant by February 28 of this year. The announcement the he has decided the sell the two-time #1 local music venue came in the afternoon of New Year’s Day, with Mr. Galarza saying on his Facebook page:

Hello Everyone. .friends, supporters, and dreamers like myself. I am making a change in my life. I am taking a job offer that I can not pass up. I’ve been self employed for 17 years. And it’s time for me to spend time, more time with my wife. I will be working Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm. Sat and Sun off.
My broker, lawyer, family and friends have built a strong plan to sell Louie G’s to someone to keep the family, food, fun and music alive. And the brand Louie Gs will go on.
February 28, 2016 is set to be my last day, as owner of Louie Gs Pizza. The new owner will learn everything I know.from fixing equipment, booking, recipes and the general running of the restaurant.
I have been blessed to meet so many new friends, so many local bands, see so many young people grow into amazing artist. 9 years ago, when I started Louie Gs pizza, I never would of thought ..thru food and music. I would meet so many of you amazing people.
Thank you so much, With all my heart.

Louie Galarza, a California native, has long been a fixture of the Northwest music scene, with starting Louie G’s Pizza 9 years ago, and from there has been a tireless supporter or up-and-coming local bands. From the ingenious idea to build the stage into the corner (giving more room for the drum riser, and using room acoustics to naturally boost the sound coming from the stage), to founding his own record label, Mental Itch Records, to even organizing DreamFest, his festival to showcase local bands, Louie Galarza has been a visionary for the local music scene.

Mr. Galarza has always said about Louie G’s Pizza (along with Mental Itch Recods and DreamFest)  “Welcome to my dream… You’re all in it.”


Thank you for sharing your dream with us, and making it a reality.

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