New Music Adds!

Its been a month since music has been added to the Puget Rock Radio library!

With the new batch of tunes, we have a load of Nirvana, plus more Soundgarden and more bands from back in the day, as well as some newer (and BRAND NEW) music! We have a few tracks from the new WINDOWPANE album (they just had their album release show at the Showbox at the Market this past weekend) and we got our hands on a copy of their new, self-titled record (which is also getting some air-play on KISW!) The full list of new adds is below, well over 100 and taking us to over 300 tracks in rotation! Puget Rock keeps on rolling!

We also created an additional Twitter account (@PugetRockRadio) for live-tweeting what is playing on Puget Rock Radio as it is playing!

Artist Title Album Year
The 69 Lines Pulled Under I’m Already Dying 2013
Agents Of Chaos Face Down Volume One 2012
Black Diamond Stripper Song Black Diamond 2012
Can’t Complain Just Pretending Gossard Studios 2013
Cat Butt 3 Eyes Journey to the Center Of 1990
Coffin Break Why Should I Crawl 1991
Dark Dead Mind Sick Murder Son Origins of the Supervillians 1997
Greenriver Thrillers Body Parts Distorted Diva 2016
Greenriver Thrillers Plunge Distorted Diva 2016
Greenriver Thrillers Mammal Distorted Diva 2016
Guilty Smoke Pacified Guilty Smoke EP 2014
Hammerbox Simple Passing Numb 1993
Hard Money Saints Sorry Hot Rod Trash 2011
Jack Endino Waiting Permanent Fatal Error 2005
Jar Of Rain Redeem and Relapse Humans 2012
Loudermilk Remix edit Rock n Roll & The Teenage Desperation 2002
Lye Take It Back Lye 1997
Maklak To Blame Maklak 2010
Melvins The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) The Maggot 1999
Mendozza Injustice For All Cabra Noche 2010
Metal Church Generation Nothing Generation Nothing 2013
The Murder City Devils Johnny Thunders Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts 1998
Nirvana Floyd the Barber Bleach 1989
Nirvana About a Girl Bleach 1989
Nirvana Love Buzz Bleach 1989
Nirvana Negative Creep Bleach 1989
Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Nevermind 1991
Nirvana In Bloom Nevermind 1991
Nirvana Come As You Are Nevermind 1991
Nirvana Breed Nevermind 1991
Nirvana Lithium Nevermind 1991
Nirvana On A Plain Nevermind 1991
Nirvana Something In The Way Nevermind 1991
Nirvana Dive Incesticide 1992
Nirvana Sliver Incesticide 1992
Nirvana Aneurysm Incesticide 1992
Nirvana Serve The Servants In Utero 1993
Nirvana Scentless Apprentice In Utero 1993
Nirvana Heart Shaped Box In Utero 1993
Nirvana Rape Me In Utero 1993
Nirvana Dumb In Utero 1993
Nirvana All Apologies In Utero 1993
Nirvana Come As You Are Mtv Unplugged In New York 1994
Nirvana The Man Who Sold The World Mtv Unplugged In New York 1994
Nirvana Plateau Mtv Unplugged In New York 1994
Nirvana Lake Of Fire Mtv Unplugged In New York 1994
Nirvana Where Did You Sleep Last Night Mtv Unplugged In New York 1994
Nirvana Spank Thru (1985 Fecal Matter Demo) Sliver (The Best Of The Box) 2005
Nirvana You Know You’re Right Icon 2010
Nolan Garrett All The Time All The Time 2013
North American Bison the monster Expect The Worst 1995
Old Lady Litterbug Demons KMG-365 1998
Peach Proof II 1995
RiverBend 151 Sleep Walker 2011
Screaming Trees Standing on the Edge Clairvoyance 1986
Screaming Trees Forever Clairvoyance 1986
Screaming Trees I See Stars Clairvoyance 1986
Screaming Trees Lonely Girl Clairvoyance 1986
Screaming Trees Clairvoyance Clairvoyance 1986
Soundgarden All Your Lies Ultramega OK 1988
Soundgarden Beyond The Wheel Ultramega OK 1988
Soundgarden Head Injury Ultramega OK 1988
Soundgarden Incessant Mace Ultramega OK 1988
Soundgarden Ugly Truth Louder Than Love 1989
Soundgarden Hands All Over Louder Than Love 1989
Soundgarden Gun Louder Than Love 1989
Soundgarden Get On The Snake Louder Than Love 1989
Soundgarden Big Dumb Sex Louder Than Love 1989
Soundgarden Hunted Down Screaming Life-Fopp 1990
Soundgarden Nothing To Say Screaming Life-Fopp 1990
Soundgarden Fopp Screaming Life-Fopp 1990
Soundgarden Outshined Badmotorfinger 1991
Soundgarden Slaves & Bulldozers Badmotorfinger 1991
Soundgarden Face Pollution Badmotorfinger 1991
Soundgarden Let Me Drown Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden My Wave Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden Fell On Black Days Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden Superunknown Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden Spoonman Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden The Day I Tried To Live Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden 4th Of July Superunknown 1994
Soundgarden Pretty Noose Down On The Upside 1996
Soundgarden Rhinosaur Down On The Upside 1996
Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside World Down On The Upside 1996
Soundgarden Burden In My Hand Down On The Upside 1996
Soundgarden Never The Machine Forever Down On The Upside 1996
Sourmash White Trash Love Affair Tomorrow We Land 1997
Southender Up The Stereo Keep It Simple 2014
Stop Don’t Stop Gasping and Clawing Stop Don’t Stop Demo 2015
Strangely Alright We Still Can We Still Can 2016
Subminute: Radio When I Called It Mine Subminute: Radio 1996
Suction Wrecked Broke 1997
Sweet Water Self Hater Superfriends 1995
SweetKiss Momma Son Of The Mountain Revival Rock 2010
Tad Salem Salem 1993
Velvalux Not What You Get Highway Bound 1998
Windowpane Underfoot Windowpane 2015
Windowpane Welfare Line Windowpane 2015
Windowpane Say Or Believe Windowpane 2015
Windowpane Get To The Heart Of It Windowpane 2015

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