Puget Rock #5 – Homewreckr

On Puget Rock today (September 10, 2015), we aired an interview we did with Clarkston, WA band Homewreckr. After their set at Seattle Rock-A-Thon 2015 on September 5th Stardog the Red and T2 (of KGRG-FM) caught up with them and asked a few questions, and we talked for nearly an hour. These are awesome, funny and talented guys and it was was a blast watching them play and listening to their new album The Wreckning. In the podcast above, the interview is set between the tunes from The Wreckning, but you can catch the extended version of the interview here. And if you want to read more on Homewreckr and their debut EP The Wreckning, you can read Sleaze Roxx‘s album review here.

Homewreckr Pics From Seattle Rock-A-Thon 2015

Episode 5 Podcast:


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