Puget Rock Ep 8: 10-22-2015


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Amadon Here To Stay Here To Stay 2014
Atomic Ballroom Monster Monster (Single) 2013
Above Ground Social Disease Promo 2011
Homewreckr Like You (Radio Edit) The Wreckning 2015
Sin Circus Chemical Youth Chemical Youth 2015
SleepyPilot Control The Baggage EP 2012
The Spittin’ Cobras 10,000 Broken Bodies Year of the Cobra 2009
Stone AXE Old Soul Old Soul Single 2012
STONEBENDER Inside My Head Self-Titled 2009
SweetKiss Momma For The Last Time A Reckoning Is Coming 2013
Windowpane Daybreak Daybreak 2009
BlackBeatBlue Animal Completely Different Animal 2012
Kings of Spade San Antone Strange Bird 2013
A Lien Nation Freedom Deep Pockets 2013
The Approach The Mask The Approach 2013
EVERYBODY PANIC! Blackbird Attack 2015
Clear The Chaos Brothers & Sisters Brothers & Sisters 2013
December In Red Red Flag Reflections December In Red 2012
The Demolition Kings Rats The Creeper Diaries 2013
Headswell Retrospect Far from Known 2014
Klaw You Wear It Well The Doktor Is Out EP 2012
Klover Jane Rock-N-Rolla (Radio Friendly) Rock-N-Rolla 2010
Loudsole My Blue Eye! L5 2014
The Mothership Songbird Radio Edits 2011
Nolan Garrett Don’t Criticize Me All The Time 2013
Dr. Unknown Love Anger OUCH! 1993
DXD Groove Thang DXD 1998
Green River Ain’t Nothing to Do Dry as a Bone / Rehab Doll 1990
Love On Ice Ugly Nude 1992
Monadiesel Warflower Monadiesel EP 1999
Pilot Swing Stranger’s Waltz 1998
Sibyl Vane Distorting Angels Sybil Vane 1995
Zero Down Kick It Down Old Time Revival 2005
Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage The Underground
Guns of Nevada Church of Bloody Mary Church of Bloody Mary 2010
Greenriver Thrillers Bum On Fire Retarder 2013
Red Rouletta The Prince of Lies Room 13

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