Puget Rock Episode #001 – Rane Stone

Puget Rock returns to the airwaves on KGRG-FM, and we’re starting at episode #001 (the 8 episodes from our time on KGRG1 do not count), with Stardog the Red and T2.

Our guest on the inaugural show is the awesome (and, as he would put it, ‘delicious’) Rane Stone of Klover Jane and Jar of Flies (The Ultimate AiC Experience), and we touch on many topics, having to do with his experience and bands to the biz to random stuff, as well as touch on some new Gruntruck news.

Track listing:

  1. Mister Master – Silver Stain
  2. Crossing Crusades – Through the Mud
  3. Gruntruck – Above Me
  4. Dire Fire – Two Worlds
  5. Rest,Repose – Retrospect
  6. Gruntruck – Bar Fly
  7. Melvins – Revolve
  8. Locomotive – Lose It
  9. WOODSHED – Self Taught
  10. Lust Punch – 27 Roses


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