Puget Rock Episode 007 (11/01/2017) – Crossing Crusades

This week on Puget Rock, Stardog the Red is joined by guest host Andrew Brooks filling in for T2 as we interview and shoot the breeze with Crossing Crusades about winning Muckleshoot Casino‘s battle of the bands, their upcoming music, the scene in general, and a side rant about Staind and video games.

L-R: Stardog the Red, Sam Thompson, Chris Hopkins, Retten Steinciphet, Aaron Lee, Andrew Brooks


1. Mister Master – Destroyer
2. Asterhouse – Sweet, Fragile World
3. Strangely Alright – Paint Outside The Lines
4. Blue Helix – This Tragedy
5. Crossing Crusades – Thru The Mud
6. Beartooth – The Lines
7. Morning After – Burnout
8. Late September Dogs – Nevermine
9. Bes – The Tribe
10. Keroscenery – Ceiling Mirror
11. Crossing Crusades – Wake Up
12. Sun Mother – Pick Yourself Up
13. Po’ Brothers – Carry The Weight
14. Lauren Murphie and the Sodo 4 – The Heir
15.Crossing Crusades – Gravity

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