Puget Rock Episode 011 (11/29/2017) – Petey Normal, Michael Baltierra

On this episode of Puget Rock we have artist/one-man-band Petey Normal and music photographer Michael Baltierra to hang and talk about all kinds of things (including murder?)

L-R: Stardog the Red, Petey Normal, Michael Baltierra, Trevor Foyston

Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage – Hell & Back
Convergence – FIght Another Day
Petey Normal – #LilRayOfSunShine
Late September Dogs – Nevermine
Asterhouse – Sweet, Fragile World
Petey Normal – Older, Wiser
Waking Things – Backbone
Baby and The Nobodies – Drag Me Down
Limberlost Music – Thin Clouds
Po’ Brothers – Carry the Weight
Petey Normal – Transmission to Mars
Sun Mother – Pick Yourself Up
Petey Normal – Jolly Olly Man
Petey Normal – #Reincarnation


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