Puget Rock Episode 014 (01/03/2018) – Samantha Aiello/Waking Things

On Puget Rock show #14 Stardog the Red and Trevor “T2” Foyston have Samantha Aiello in studio to hang and talk about her new tenure as vocalist in Waking Things, we finally learn how to say her last name, we learn about kegel exercises and Stardog the Red falls out of his chair laughing at one point.

L-R: Stardog the Red, Samantha Aiello, Trevor “T2” Foyston


Keroscenery – Ceiling mirror
Po’ Brothers – Carry the Weight
Asterhouse – Sweet Fragile World
Late September Dogs – Nevermine
Strangely Alright – Paint Outside the Lines
Limberlost Music – Thin Clouds
Waking Things – Backbone
Watch Rome Burn – Crawl
Waking Things – Miles and Miles
Sun Mother – Pick Yourself Up
Mister Master – Destroyer
Prize Fighters – Off Key feat Lynn Sorenson
DedElectric – Kansas City
Cashing In Karma – Repercussions
Crossing Crusades – Through the Mud
Devils Hunt Me Down – I Am That I Am
Blue Helix – This Tragedy
Klover Jane – To THe Top
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Fools Time Now
Homewreckr – Hold The Line
Mos Generator – As Above So Below
Waking Things – Pretend

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