Puget Rock Episode 017 (01/24/2018) – Peter, Kat & Chris from Louie G’s Pizza

On Puget Rock episode 17 We have Peter John Kesling & Katherine McDonough – owners of Louie G’s Pizza – as well as Christopher Pederson – the resident sound technician at Louie G’s – in studio to talk about restaurant/venue ownership, tales of running sound for various bands, and much more!

L-R: Stardog the Red (with dog), Christopher Pederson, Peter John Kesling, Katherine McDonough, Trevor “T2” Foyston


Keroscenery – The Great Divide
Ricci Valice – So the Story Goes
Devils Hunt Me Down – Caveman in a Computer Room
Marsalis – Gone
Waking Things – Backbone
Watch Rome Burn – Crawl
LocoMotive – Babyman
Cashing In Karma – Repercussions
Blue Helix – Antisocial Butterfly
Sun Mother – Pick Yourself Up
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Livin And Everything
Steven James (of Under Sin) – Dark Star
Crossing Crusades – Through the Mud
Damn The Flood – The Burn A Dream
Homewreckr – Hold the Line
Rest, Repose – Retrospect
Ayron Jones & The Way – Feeding From The Devil’s Hands

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