Puget Rock Episode 018 (01/31/2018) – Big Wheel Stunt Show

On Puget Rock episode 18 we have Evan, Jake, and Fred of The Big Wheel Stunt Show in studio to discuss their new album DRAYGUN RAYGUN as well as Fred joining the band recently.


Watch Rome Burn – Never Mind The Heat
Zenith – Mind Fractal
Limberlost Music – Not My Own
Lust Punch – Bang Bang
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Stuck Here Once Again
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Red List Blue List
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – The Attack
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Wheels Movin
LocoMotive – Babyman
Mister Master – Mechanical Hand
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Draygun Raygun
Devils Hunt Me Down – The Owl
Night Argent (Tri-Cities) – Dreamcatcher
Waking Things – My Ghost Friends
Damn The Flood – To Burn A Dream
DedElectric – T.S.B.
Windowpane – Underfoot
Bruiser Brody – band – Don’t Go There On Your Own
Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage – Hell & Back
Ricci Valice – Girl in Black

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