Puget Rock Episode 022 (02-28-2018) – Glass Souls

On episode 22 we had the new band Glass Souls in studio to talk and BS about being in a new band (and pizza, and well… everything else)


Darby Picnic – Stuck In Tacoma
Strangely Alright – All of us Are Strange
Late September Dogs – Nevermine
Baby and The Nobodies – Drag Me Down
Prize Fighters – Love Me Not
Limberlost – Not My Own
DedElectric – TSB
Glass Souls – Love
Crossing Crusades – Through The Mud
Lust Punch – 27 Roses
Damn The Flood – To Burn A Dream
Mister Master – To The Edge of the Woods
Sun Mother – Pick Yourself Up
Cashing In Karma – Repercussions
LocoMotive – Babyman

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