The Puget Rock Show on KGRG1 is No More – Puget Rock Radio is Born

solo long logoHello faithful fans! Puget Rock started nearly a year ago on KGRG1 – Your Classic Alternative. In that time I, Stardog the Red have regrettably only been able to do eight – count them: EIGHT – shows in that year’s time. First, finishing my broadcasting degree took precedence over the show, as I was actively taking on debt to get that degree. With the degree in hand, I started the show back up, and since then have only been able to do it every other week due to one circumstance or another, but the show limped along.

Now that I have acquired a job with my degree, it has left me little time to prepare the weekly show on KGRG1. I saw this coming in advance and began researching how to continue Puget Rock in one way or another. I have recently found my answer.

For the past couple of weeks I have been frantically working on getting Puget Rock Radio up and running. Puget Rock Radio – much like the Puget Rock show – will continue to bring you Legendary Music From The Legendary Scene, the best from past and present. And what’s more: it will be streaming all day, every day, 24/7. That’s music to my ears, as 3 hours a week didn’t feel like enough for me, especially to do our musical heritage and legacy justice.

The purpose of Puget Rock is, has been and will continue to be to exhibit the legacy of rock, punk, metal, blues and more that our brothers and sisters have created.

While Puget Rock Radio is new and fledgling, it will continue to grow and have more to offer. I look forward to this growth, and to bringing the great music to you, the fans. I do this because I am a fan, and this is my passion.

If you want to listen, right now you can click on the Puget Rock Radio on the menu at the top of the page. Thank you for listening!

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